Give your family, friends and acquaintances an experience! The gift voucher issued by the Oxygen Adrenalin Park can be a great choice for any occasion, since between the elements of the park from one-year-old to 99-year-old every age group found entertainment for himself which matches their age and tastes.

The gift vouchers of the park are available in pre-defined 1000, 3000 and 5000 Ft denominations.

Gift vouchers can be purchased personally in our ticket offices or by e-mail order. In case of ordering by e-mail, after receiving the value of the gift voucher to our bank account, we send you the gift voucher and the invoice by post to the given address.

The gift voucher can be used until the deadline written on the gift voucher and can be used exclusively for the games of the Oxygen Adrenalin Park.

The gift voucher can not be converted into cash. In case of the gift voucher holder buy ticket for less amount then the amount written on the gift voucher, we will not be able to return the cash.