Mátra Camping

Four-star comfort, affordable prices!  The renewed camping welcome its old and new guests with tastefully designed, lawny tent and caravan sites, 2-8-bed confortable houses and apartments.
Surrounded by the peaks of the Mátra mountains in its heart, the camping site lies 530 m above sea level. It is a popular place for excursions and holiday. In its immediate neighborhoods located the 50 m high look-out tower from where spectacular panoramic view unfolds before the visitors eyes.

Medaqua Kft.

The Medaqua Ltd. distributes Hunyadi János glaubersalt curative water which is well known throughout Europe, furthermore the Ferenc József bitter water, the Mira glaubersalt curative water, the Mira Baby curative water for children, and also the Paradi sulphurous curative water; the Paradi carbonated mineral water, and Aqua Friss drinking waters made from spring waters of the Matra, and the Aqua Oxygen Plus oxygenated drinking water families, which are bottled in our two bottling plants in Parádsasvár and Tiszajenő.

Packer Kft.

The Packer Ltd. deals with selling and reconditioning of second hand bottling machines and production lines, commissioning of complete factories, establishing of new plants from planning to installation, manufacturing of tools and parts for use in changing a product or the form of a product and with custom-built machinery manufacturing for food, cosmetic, and chemical industries as well.

Panoráma Panzió

The Panorama Pension can be found in the heart of the Matra Mountains, in a breathtaking area on the Sástó-Kőbánya (Sasto quarry), between Mátrafüred and Mátraháza. It is a 10-minute walk from the pond and from the lookout tower in Sasto.
Because of its location, it offers an excellent opportunity for recreation, diversion, sport activities, and relaxation.

Sástó Hotel

The three levels brand new Sástó Hotel*** was built in the area of the Mátra Camping. On the bottom floor of this establishment was placed the wellness center and the salt cave, as well as the wellness reception with a drink bar. On the other levels of of this building we designed our three star hotel rooms.


The company ELPAK was established in 1986 in the form of GMK (Economical Co-operative) and worked in this form through five years. Its activity expanded over maintenance and overhauling of bottling industrial machine. In 1991 was an enlargement in its profile, and in addition to the bottling technique the company began to bottle and distribute mineral and medicinal waters. Still this year the company has developed into a Ltd. By 1997 the ÉLPAK company had grown so much that it needed to change its organizational form again, so since December 1997 it operates as private limited company.