There are 3 dining options in the park: hot buffet in the main building of the bobsled, the playhouse buffet in the playhouse building and the castle bar called "Rád Vár" located in the castle.

In the hot food buffet, which can found in the building next to the bobsleigh, freshly cooked dishes, one-course dishes, fast food, ice cream, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, chilled mineral water, soft drinks, beer and wine and short drinks can be purchased.

The buffet has a closed dining area and an open terrace.

In our hot food buffet - on request - there is also the possibility of catering to groups, for example for team building trainings, class trips or for groups of friends upon prior check-in.

In the Indoor playground, next to the cash desk a snack bar is also available during the opening hours. In this snack bar there is mineral water, soft drinks, ice cream, sweet and salted biscuits for children, while for there parents coffee and cold beer is added to the selection.

The castle terrace bar is mostly open during the summer months, where the ice cream, coffee, soft drinks, crackers, cold beer is at your disposal.

In hot weather, there is also a possibility to buy cool ice slushies within the park, changing locations, which can be purchased in a jar of slushie with the logo of the park.